The complete package has the following:

1. Fully assembled and tested Universal MCU programmer
(Includes a high quality 3M ZIF 40 Pin socket)
2. USB cable  
3. Quick Installation CD
Introducing our newest Universal USB MCU Programmer.  The onboard ZIF socket supports all AVR devices and the
following chips: at89c5x, at89s5x, sst89e5x, w78e5x, 24cxx and 93cxx.  Both high-voltage programming and isp
programming for AVR devices are supported.  So you don't have to worry about wrong fusebit settings and your atmega
chips get locked up.  The programmer supports onboard firmware upgrading via USB port.  More chips will be added with
the next release of the software.  Please come and check our website regularly for more info about
new software
Support for Microchip PICs will be added in the next software release.  Please stay tuned !
Newest software !

Download Here !