The complete package has the following:

1. Dual Powered (USB/AC) Willem Universal E(e)prom Programmer Board;
2. The Latest
Windows Software and Manual (Electronic Version);
3. DB25 cable for connecting to PC printer port;
4. USB cable (used as power supply cable). No AC adaptor is needed;
5. A free UV-erasable 27C256.
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This brand-new and fully tested Dual Powered (USB/AC) Willem Universal EPROM EEPROM programmer is based on
PCB4.5C. The PCB is completely redesigned, the digital circuitry is separated from the power supply, thus reducing
interference. Quality components are used, for example, the high current tolerant coil is used to boost the robustness of
the circuitry.  Optional higher Vcc voltages (5.6v and 6.2v) will be available when an external AC power supply is used.  This
is very important when you want to smoothly and reliably burn those old CMOS and even older NMOS EPROM chips.  This
programmer can also read and burn  EEPROM, FLASH, and Microcontroller (MCS-51, AVR and PIC family) chips.